Ancient and Modern Pottery Techniques

The pottery wheel was invented around 3500 years ago after which the use of the clay wheel spread into many parts of Europe and Asia. There was just a difference in the design of the wheels as every culture and community had their own designs.

Nowadays most of the people use this equipment as their hobby and professional people use this equipment as well. A long time ago only manual driven clay models were available, whereas now the designed are totally changed with time by the manufacturers.

In Ancient time, pottery spinning wheel was just a flywheel attached above the spinning surface, whereas nowadays a number of stylish electric power spinnings wheels are available in the market.

Children and adults can get antique or customized spinning wheels according to their choice. There are number pottery wheels available in the market each providing different designs. If you are a beginner you should join pottery classes in Maryland which will help you become a professional clay potter.

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Before the use of crank shaft wheel, the potters used to attach flywheel above a spinning surface and used to rotate wheel with their feets which thus enabled them to use their hands to shape clay to any vessel.

As some of the people still use foot motion and crank shaft wheel pottery, on the other hand, modern pottery wheels use electric power for operation.

The electric pottery wheels are fine for the experts and the professionals but they are not relevant for the beginners so they are recommended to visit to learn more about clay pottery.

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The basic way of clay pottery is to throw a sudden amount moisturized clay and stabbing it in the middle on a spinning wheel surface. Then the potter can use his/her hand to push clay towards and away the center of spinning wheel as centrifugal force helps the potters all the time to maintain the shape of his pottery.

Every beginner potter needs to be familiar with the ceramic basics including proper usage of the wheel before buying any available potter item.