Best Way To Waterproof Balcony Surface


Balcony areas and terraces are mostly created above living spaces, on a flat roof, or on the top floor of the complex. These areas need special attention in order to protect them from water ingression damage. The area which is frequently susceptible to snow or frequent rainfall waterproofing is important.

Waterproofing should be well thought out process for sealing flat roof balcony areas, balconies on top of rooms and terrace areas.

Nowadays there are lots of new technologies and materials available that can keep your balcony waterproof. You can even contact waterproofing companies in order to get the best waterproofing service.

 waterproofing membrane

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The surface of the balcony is made up of concrete or timber roof with proper waterproofing material you can cover and guard the substance against water damage.  The water damage caused to concrete structures is different from the timber or steel. The waterproofing material used for concrete, timber is also different.

There are even such cases where you have to repair the balcony over and over again if a proper system or the waterproofing is not performed in a proper way. The material that is used for balcony waterproofing should have the correct amount of expansion capabilities and seal.

There are several methods of waterproofing the balcony surfaces such as a waterproof membrane. In order to reduce efflorescence and water leaking, correct drainage strategy should be followed. The water should be channeled in a proper way so that water doesn’t stand and seep in the surface.

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Given below are a few ways to ensure good balcony sealing and avoiding water ingression.

  • Firstly make sure that all penetrating works are completed properly in order to apply waterproofing applicant.
    Choose a sealant or membrane material that suits best to your balcony structure, balustrade materials, and roof materials.
    A proper drainage plan should be made for the balcony so that the water pool is not created.
    Make sure that penetrating material is applied with an additional sealant so that additional seal is created.