Why Choose Glass Bottle Jars Over Plastic Ones For Food Storage?

Glass jars and small bottles are preferred more these days in place of plastic made storage containers.

Do you know the reason why?

Well, plastics are made from numerous chemical formulas, including endocrine disturbing chemicals such as bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalates.

Certain chemicals which comprise of BPA and phthalates can affect the brain, hormone system, reproductive system, and might even contribute in the development of cancer also.

Keeping these severe health issues, even health department has given strict orders on the usage of plastic material in any form.

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Time to know about the benefits of glass for people

Glass is often an outstanding auxiliary for plastics. Below in the article 5 reasons are mentioned on why glass is better for human health:

  1. Chemicals are not leached into food and beverages.
  2. Heating glass in microwaves is safer than heating plastics.
  3. Glass is safer over time.
  4. Food stored in glass tastes better.
  5. Glass consumers can save money.
  6. It is always favorable to pick glass containers with lids to store food items.

Now is the time to know about the benefits of Glass towards our environment:

  1. Glass consumers buy fewer items.
  2. Increased recycling from consumers.
  3. Less toxic emissions are created.

Six prospects to choose glass household products

The glass products listed below are pretty easy to find, as they are extensively accessible at major retail stores across the nation.

  • Water bottles.
    • Coffee makers.
    • Storage containers.
    • Food packaging. Beverages and foods
    • Drinking cups.
    • Ovenproof glass dishes.

Glass replacements are obtainable for items found throughout the home.  Kitchen items like those listed above are among the most extensively obtainable glass products, making it easy to buy them.

Select one or two products to substitute with glass variations. Whether you start by substituting water bottles, storage containers or dishware you will be helping people and the environment. You can’t go wrong with that!!

Well, there is so much more to explore, just search for web sources that could make you aware about the glass benefits over plastic. Hope you find this article lucrative.