The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Real Estate Agent In Selling Your House

Buying and selling a home is often the single biggest financial decision people make. Selling a home can be stressful for homeowners. Fortunately, a real estate agent can provide services that guide you through the entire process. A seller real estate agent performs a variety of duties, one of them is effectively marketing your home. The agent is also bounded by the state’s laws to do their best to sell your home.

A great real estate agent for a seller is a jack of all trades. They will help you prepare your home for sale, set price, determine a selling strategy and negotiate with buyers. When you are selling your home, the first meeting that you have with him/her is crucial. They know the tactics that help your home to sell by fast home buyers at a good price.


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In this article, we will discuss the roles and responsibilities of a real estate agent in great detail.

  • Preparing your home to sell

An experienced listing agent will know how to maximize your property value so you can receive top dollar for your home. They will be able to identify which improvements you should make to your home to increase the amount it sells for. They will also be able to recommend service providers who provide great value to your home.


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  • Staging your home 

Preparing your property is an art and need attention if you want to maximize your sale price. Your real estate agent will help you stage your home before selling your home in Englewood so that it makes a positive first impression among potential buyers, from the time they look at the listing photos.

  • Deciding on a Price

The next step is to determine a price before it goes on the market. Your agent will create a comparative market analysis to review comparable homes nearby that are currently on the market, pending or have recently sold. This will give you more information on what people are willing to pay for homes and able to set a competitive price.


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If you receive an offer, your real estate agent will review each offer and help you negotiate terms to get the deal. They will also guide you through all of the paperwork and steps that need to be completed in the closing process to officially hand over your keys to the new owner. Check out here to learn about industrial real estate agent in great detail.